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I am Simone. I founded ReVision Ministries with my husband Allen in 2012. I have been committed to the spiritual care of women and girls for 20+ years, bringing healing to wounded hearts and finding solutions to gender-based violence through prevention and awareness education. I am a preacher, teacher, author, and life coach.

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Our Story

In 2011, I survived a heinous act of domestic violence. Since then, I have ReVisioned my life from tragedy to triumph, from broken to beautiful through God’s grace and unfailing love. ReVision Women was birthed from the call and desire to see women empowered and moving from surviving to thriving. I wanted to help other women ReVision their lives, too!  

We started with an online Bible study in 2015, re-interpreting stories about women in the Bible and using  those stories as a source of empowerment. That studies then became a book and companion workbook.  Soon, I became a certified Life Coach to help other women discover God's love and special care by exploring their inner lives through narrative writing. We are still on the journey. You can learn more of my work at ReVision Women and we would welcome the chance to connect with you in our Facebook group.


I am are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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