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ReVision Ministries Online Bible Study

For several years I have attended Rev. Oliver's Bible studies. Her teaching has had a great impact on my spiritual development and relationship with God. The result has been an increasingly powerful relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. For that I am grateful.

Michele W.

Trenton, NJ


The Pearl of God's Eye

Rev. Simone Oliver brings cogent clarity to voices we may have strained to hear otherwise. Please hear her!

      Rev. Dr. Frank S. Morris

      Author of Women Why Are You Weeping


A Call to Justice Workshop

Wise. Discerning. Professional. Real. Life-changing. Gift from God. Empowering. The Real Deal. Thoughts provoked and mind blown. I'm incredibly blessed that I've had the privilege to sit under Simone's guidance and teaching. Grateful me!

Mary Rose

Detroit, MI


Restoration thru Writing Workshop

I LOVED Simone's workshop. I was inspired and encouraged. I was also strengthened and I am grateful and still smiling.

Teresa V.

Cliffwood, NJ


So, Did You Know?
Spillin' the Tea on DV

Simone is a rare and exceptional teacher. Her ability to ask penetrating questions, guided by the Holy Spirit, helps her students to apply Biblical principles our own lives. All questions are on the table as she encourages us to be open, authentic, and vulnerable on our path towards discipleship. Simone creates a safe space to do just that!

Deborah M.

Reston, VA


Will the Church be Made Whole?

Simone speaks with authority and knowledge of the Word. Her teaching style is relaxed and not forced, always acknowledging God's word and truth first. I have learned so much and truly grown in the Word and my relationship with the Lord.

Alena A.

Temple Hills, MD

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